Kashmir boy proposes football trick shots as a gateway to a safer future

Srinagar:- Set against the excruciatingly volatile political climate that constantly overshadows the state of Jammu and Kashmir, it takes a lump-sum amount of grit and passion to breathe dreams into the fractured reality. Perhaps this is precisely what has been instilled inside the mind of Faisal Mir, a 17-year-old boy from Kupwara district of Kashmir.
Having to grow up in a state that only knows the face of turmoil too well and peace still remains an occasional guest who does not call often, the young Faisal, steeled his nerves and toughened his spirits to give life to a dream and embark on a mission to enlarge its presence on a national scale which will hopefully enable in reorienting the people of his country to a safer and less fragile future.
Faisal Mir, has always nursed a soft corner for sports and found himself excelling at it from an early age. In an exclusive interview with Inside Kashmir , Faisal confessed, “Right from my childhood, I’ve always been interested in sports and I hope to stay in this field in the future,” revealing further that his love affair with sports began with Football where he discovered his natural talent for it early-on. However, Faisal was soon eyeing a different sport – a game which would become a stepping stone towards his hitherto unheralded dream.

“Later, I started getting attracted to football and realized the beauty of the game. Yet again, I was good at it and slowly I came across Faisal Mir’s videos on football trick shots,” he tells us and emphasizes how this chance stumbling upon the videos became a life-changing event for the young Kashmiri boy.


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