Kalaroose Satbaran Caves far off the Government sight
Need of the hour is to make it tourist spot .


Kupwara:- Kalaroos Caves are located in the North Kashmir’s Kupwara district about 104 kms from Srinagar, the capital State of Kashmir. The most fascinating thing about these caves is that the locals believe that they are secret ways to Russia, which is a myth and has not been confirmed by any scientific organisation.

The village Kalaroos has itself attained its name from the myth related with caves. The name actually is ” Qil-e-Roos” which means fort of Russia.

Believe it or not, this is not even a wonderland story. The caves located in Kalaroose village of Kupwara District may have many myths associated with them.

Situated 10 kilometers away from District headquarter Kupwara, Kalaroos village has caves ,which is surrounded many tipical conventional stories

These caves are located between Lasitiyaal and Madmadove villages. At the end of the Lasitiyaal village there is a mammoth carved stone called Satbaran. The stone is engraved with seven doors and people call it Sath Barr (in local parlance) which means seven doors.

(Pic Credits Faizan Qureshi)

“These seven doors indicate the seven different routes to Russia and other countries. I heard from my ancestors that Russians used to come through this tunnel” said Fatah Mohd an Octogenarian.

(Pic Credits Faizan Qureshi)

There are other caves situated few meters away from this giant stone. Locals usually visit the Tramken (copper mine) cave which is of crimson color. The cave has depositions of poor quality copper.

(Pic Credits Faizan Qureshi)

After visiting the cave locals were surprised to see the peculiar aura of the cave. “I went about 2-3 kilometers inside the cave with my friends. We only had torches with us. Deep in the cave is the old discolored board which has some forgien language written on it,” Sonaullah Lone a local resident said.

Some villagers believe that these caves have huge water bodies inside. A group of youth who recently visited the cave heard the sound of running water. “There may be water body inside the cave as we were approaching towards noise of water our torches got dim and we went back.”

Young youth of the said area blamed the then State Tourism Ministers and especially Ex. Cabinet Minister Ab Haq Khan for not paying any attention towards these caves during his tenure, as Ex Minister is from Lolab Constituency.

Now Inhabitants of the area are demanding to declare ” Kalaroos Satbaran Caves as heritage sites”, Government should pay keen attention towards these caves on top priority, because they can attract hundreds of tourists every year and unemployed youth of the area will get benefit if Government pays little bit attention towards these caves, said a local historian.

Need of the hour is to make it tourist spot .

(Pic Credits Faizan Qureshi)


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