Polite Political personality!
‘I call him Mufti Sayeed of Kupwara’


One personality whose active, vibrant and energetic leadership is at its peak in district Kupwara. Mr. Mir Mohammad Fayaz lost the assembly election in 2014 from Kupwara constituency, but he does not lost the hope and courage, because was destined to hold higher place with more powers to perform and exercise, then he was elected as Rajya Sabha Member in 2015 from JK, PDP. He is Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabah)the upper house in the Indian parliament.Where he is member of various central standing committees like committee on water resources, consultative committee ministry of health and family welfare Govt. of India.

Mir Mohammad Fayaz belongs to people’s Democratic Party (JK, PDP) a regional politicalparty, He is truly winning hearts and minds of people not only common but people affiliated with other political parties he is highly respectedbecause of his leadership skills, people from outside of his constituency meet him, cutting across political lines attend them and heed their grievances, he is changing whole political discourse and outlook of political leadership and politics in this particular district Kupwara.

This kind of political leader  with human heart helping out healing people with helping hands and helping heart having in him a ray and glimpse of hope of healing touch policy  following his political mentor, leader and founder of JK,PDP people’s democratic party Peerzada mufti Mohammad Sayeed , need to mention here that Mufti Sayeed succeed to a large extent as far as implementing  healing touch policy is concern  in his first tenure as Chief minister of the state in 2002, he felt bad about the barricades on roads in Kashmir soon after he assumed charge of he removed almost all barricades on roads, and succeed in reducing fear among people, he was the  real proponent of healing touch policy.

People not only expect but accept and acknowledgeMir Fayaz as a dynamic leader because he is reaching out to people meet them listen them and address all their open grievance by going visiting village far from town areas doing lot of developmental work progressively almost in all sectors like health, Power development, Rural Development etc.

Health sector was very poor in Kupwara its infrastructure as well as staff; lot has changed now like laboratory other related medical technology, but need to improve more and strength medical staff for hospital. Health sector is on primacy people will realize change in coming months.

In Rural development he has and is doing lots of developmental work for rural development managing and arranging funds on time for such schemes which are sponsored by the central government, like making new roads upgrading and widening the old roads he is giving proper attention other sectors like education distribute funds for basic infrastructure and other education related materials, public health engineering making availability of safe drinking water everywhere In village and town ofKupwara,Power Development Department in Kupwara will attain the mark of 100% electrification under various central sponsored schemes like UJALA, PMDP, Deen dayal upadhyaya, Gram jyoti yojna etc.,Also in sports Mir Fayaz is doing a lot to upgrade sports facilities and basic infrastructure.

Spending vast amount utilize entire MP funds properly for big projects and doing timely visit and reviewperformance himself of all these projects, like health infrastructure and for road connectivity He reflect Chineseproverb which says “if you want growth and development build roads first” and he is proving that the roads and other infrastructure are basics for development, this district needs a lot of development he always say we need to do more for wellbeing of people.

He is executing his powers in right direction helping the needy not hurting them with power nor with his words , he does not care about political affiliation of people he is serving and giving smile to all ,he is upgrading lives of people by keeping basic facilities available for them across district,he does not make noise in doing all this, he is an example for other political leaders they need to learn from him as he is going and growing better day by day enhancing his constructive political experience, that is why Mir Fayaz is gaining more name and reputation among all age groups in the district.

The kind political leader he is, practical and realistic doesn’t assume things seeing things and challenges as it is accept and face them.He is always busy in meeting with political and with administration of higher authorities seeking betterment and welfare for people.

I am not denying he is not doing politics the fact is that he is a political person he is in politics he does politics but positive politics, Mir Fayaz endorse and follows in speeches among party workers, his political mentor Mufti Sayeed words when he says we don’t have any personal battle or rivalry with other political persons or party, we have battle of ideas, that is what we are fighting for.

 Aloyal member of his party and dedicated leader for people, loyalty is rare if you find it keep it. He posted on social media when there was chaos among members in PDP after coalition was ended by BJP.

Mir Fayaz is humble and calm nature personality winning hearts and minds of people cutting across political party barriers like Mr. Syed Altaf Bukhari of JK, PDP is praised.

 He is young energetic wholehearted and sympathetic and have sentiments for weak and underprivileged people trying to accomplish welfare for them,not havinghard intent of elections, never say or gives impression that I am tired, truly keen to help people want to ease their difficulties and hardships.

All the past developments we see right now in Kupwara town like upgrading and tiling of foot paths, Installation Street lights and inner market ways all these developments were done during his tenure as chairman of Kupwara town, now the new chairman of Kupwara town is his younger brother Mr. Reyaz Ahmad Mir, well-known as (D Mir) he will continue the development agenda of Kupwara town exactly like his brother Mir Mohammad Fayaz did years ago when he was in the same office.

 This is what I heard from people to people when I travel people talk about him and his development agenda, and I stand witness progress in my district. We need more political leaders like him here mostly in Kashmir as well as in the state.

 But one thing I need to mention here about which he doesn’t care is publicity either print or electronic national or local, it speaks a lot in itself! What kind of leader he is. I disclose him where he is far behind from other political persons that he is not a lawyer or liar!!!

(The writer can be  contacted at  fasialkirmani@gmail.com )

Fasial Pirzada has completed  Masters in International Relations ,Peace and Conflict studies. 
From :- Islamic University of Science & Technology


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