Kupawara:- It was late in the evening after the sun had set on all hopes of the family  Parveena, with her current condition of 37 weeks pregnancy and stuck in the village of Keran due to heavy snowfall in the area,  when they contacted the army brigade headquarters located in Pherken.

As soon the news reached the Brigade Commander about a family getting stuck in the forward zone and cut-off due to risk-prone slopes of heavy snow, the nearest army team was alerted. Stretcher help was provided by the army as mother nature did not allow any vehicular movement on the mountain sides.

Finally, Parveena along with her family could reach Pherken. Top late in the night. A young lady doctor currently posted in the high altitude area quickly assessed Parveena’s condition and she was moved without further delay to the next unit where a pick-up truck was waiting to carry the family further ahead.

All team members, right from the location from where the family started, the lookout teams on the slopes in the dark of the night, the medical team which assessed and the units along the way who are monitoring and coordinating the road move ahead o, are now waiting for the good news from Parveena’s family.


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